Content Goals

Our goal was to create content that would draw people from the museum to their website. The Wichita Art Museum seems successful in terms of visitors to the physical museum, but as we learned, their online traffic is lacking.

We focused our content on one particular exhibit (Past and Present with Clark Britton and Lester Raymer). We created interactive content to drive viewers to the site, such as the interactive quizzes, art tutorials, and Wichita Art Forum (which we based off of the Disney Moms blog). Since we know that people care about the museum and regularly visit it, we created content based off of what we knew they already liked.

The addition of new events and social media posts will help bring people to the site as well as the actual museum itself.

Group members: Emily Caldwell, Rachel Consoles, Erin Cullen, Alison Krakowiak, Sarah Kovathana, and Katherine Hall