DIY: How to Watercolor Paint a Hibiscus Flower

Tutorial courtesy of Irmgard Rawm.

Bring the art of the Wichita Art Museum to life – right at home! Join us in painting your own hibiscus flower. Once you’re done, share it on social media and be sure to use the hashtag #WAMAtHome for a chance to win a $10 gift card.

First, draw your hibiscus flower, cut it out, and place it over a new piece of paper.

Next, begin to paint a background around your flower using any color you like (and don’t be afraid to get a little paint on your flower!)

Once you’ve painted your background, use the colors of your choice (the artist uses green and yellow) to spatter the background with different colors. Leave your painting at least a half hour to dry.

Remove the hibiscus cutout, and redraw a flower onto the blank space left behind by the cutout.

Once you’ve drawn your hibiscus onto your paper, begin to paint with a red or orange hue, specifically painting the veins of the flower.

Continue to shade the whole flower with different variations red and pink, using excess water to change the hues of the colors and make them spread easily. Mix in dark, deep colors with lighter colors to create dimension.

Add orange hues to the petals of the hibiscus.

Darken the inside of the hibiscus flower around the stem with maroon and dark brown watercolor paints.

Using a wet brush, pull the brown and red pigments from the paint on the page and pull it up the stem of the flower.

To finish the painting, add five brown dots and several yellow dots to the end of your hibiscus flower stem.

There you have it! Be sure to visit us at the Wichita Art Museum to learn more about watercolor painting.