Event: Art: The Second Shift

March 24th 7:00pm-11:59pm

When the sun goes down, the Museum’s lights go up. We create an inspiring environment for the more nocturnal art aficionados at Art: The Second Shift. Our art curation will not be the only lively part of your night. While you feed your artistic hunger with our wonderful exhibition, The Poetry of Nature: Hudson River School Landscapes, do not forget to snack on an h’ors d’ouerves or two during the night. As your night goes on, pair your favorite painting with champagne (especially if it’s French). For those who like art but would rather enjoy it around a more mature audience, this is especially for you. While we agree art is an unforgettable, educational experience for children, we understand that atmosphere is not for everyone and we welcome you with open arms to check out what we have to offer when the kids are at home. Furthermore, mark us as a perfect destination for date night! Bond over common tastes in art and learn about other works you experience less. Solo trippers–we did not forget about you. Stimulate your brain with some of the greatest works in American art under the American stars. With a glass of champagne in one hand and h’ors d’ouerves in the other, Art: The Second Shift is a no-brainer.

*must be 21 and over