Event: WAM Welcomes Lyda Andrews

Wednesday, March 22nd 7PM-8PM

WAM will be welcoming local Wichita artist, Lyda Andrews to speak on painting techniques on Wednesday, March 22nd from 7PM-8PM. Admission is free of charge.

Andrews is a California native but moved to Wichita in 1968. She received a degree in Art Education from California State Northridge in 1967 and a degree in Fine Arts from WSU in 1984.

During the 1990’s she started to experiment with abstract art, thus changing her aesthetic an entire decade later. Her works are noted for their sense of rhythm and successful integration of line, color and shape to evoke emotion. She has experimented with painting to musical rhythms while many of her works have been inspired by her past memories of California.

Andrews has been showing her art locally in Wichita for the past few years with the group named “8 Women Artists.” Her works have been included in the past three judged “Small Oil Paintings” shows.

Her work can also be found at Gallery XII, located on 412 Douglas Street Wichita, KS.

To learn more about Lyda Andrews, please visit: http://wichitagalleryxii.com/artists/lyda-andrews/