Blog Post – The Importance of Art in Childhood Development

The importance of the arts are often underestimated, especially their importance in childhood development. Here are just some of the many reasons you should encourage your child to explore their creative side.

Firstly, it helps improve your child’s decision-making skills. When creating a piece of art, a child is taking responsibility and making decisions about what they will include and exclude in their piece. It allows them to think critically and intentionally which is something that children need when developing their critical thinking skills.

Is your child experiencing learning difficulties? Try introducing them to art as a learning outlet. Research has shown that art can help release some of the tension that people with learning difficulties experience. It allows them communicate in a different means than language, and can show them the value of visual learning. They are able to express themselves using different means

Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning (1999), which was a series of studies done with the Arts Education Partnership about what impact art has on learning. They found that students who participated in art programs outperformed their peers significantly. Students who sustained their art education were more likely to do better on seemingly unrelated topics such as reading and math.

If that is not enough of an incentive to introduce art to you child, consider the fact that art helps to improve self-awareness. It gives children confidence and pride because their art is something that they have created. Art takes time, attention, and creativity, and when a work is finished it is something to be celebrated and displayed.

The Hudson River School of Art is a great way to encourage children to focus and enjoy their surroundings. It is a 19th century landscape movement that the Wichita Art Museum is exhibiting.  

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