Kids Arts Classes

Our theme is based on the Humans of New York campaign, but edited to fit a more kid friendly theme. We want to show how using genuine quotes from children and kid centric programing can engage families with art exhibitions. We’ve used the Hudson River School exhibition as the theme for our example.

We will promote our campaign on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We will also be using email campaigns and blog post content to engage with potential museum visitors.

We will also highlight our kid-oriented programs via blog posts featuring quotes from children in a longer format. Ideally these posts would include photos and be shared on social media, so parents could read and share stories in which their kids were featured. Some of the blog posts could also be modified and used as press releases, so the museum’s programs could be featured in Wichita news outlets and encourage a broader audience to sign their kids up for the programs.

We would encourage on site interaction with kids at the museum though offering art classes to mimic the paintings/artwork of the current exhibit – but in a more kid friendly format (for example: fingerpainting). We would feature an ‘artist of the week’ showcasing a child’s artwork on our social media platform’s weekly. This would serve the dual purpose of raising awareness for available programs and promoting artwork created by visitors.