Wichita Art Mu-Quiz

Which Artist Are you?

Take this short personality quiz to discover which feature Wichita Art Museum artist you are.

Choose your preferred medium.
– Whatever I can get my hands on
– Strictly charcoal
– Paper products

What’s your favorite pastime?
– paper mache
– finger paint
– coloring books

Would you share your talent with the world, and teach art classes?
– No I’d keep my talents to myself.
– It depends what status of fame I reach and how much money I can make.
– Yes! Why have talent when you can’t impart your wisdom on others?

What size would you aim to make your pieces?
– Life-size! The bigger the better.
– Not too big, not too small? I don’t know.
– Small, intimate designs and pieces.

Will you share your masterpieces with the world?
– No, I create for myself.
– I will strive to get my art in as many museums as humanly possible!
– Eh, whatever happens, happens.

Where do you see yourself by age 20?
– Still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.
– Pursuing art and only art. I’m going to be an artist.
– As a chef.

How often will you return to your work, to make quick fixes?
– Never. I don’t look back.
– Always, it’s never perfect and can always be better.
– I believe art creates itself, but maybe if something falls off, I’ll glue it back on?

Results will then be calculated, and users will get an answer.

Post-Visit Quiz

At the end of every museum tour, guests will be invited to take an online quiz on the content of the exhibit, for a chance to win a prize about the collection they just experienced:

How old is Clark Britton?
– 96
– 69
– 86

Which medium is Clark Britton most experienced in?
– multiple media
– computer graphics
– Both one and two

Artists from which college also have their works displayed as part of the gallery?
– Wichita State University
– Friends University
– Newman University, Wichita

Clark Britton’s works presented here are in which type of medium?
– X-acto knife, paper medium
– watercolor
– multiple mediums

What was the name of Lester Raymer’s working studio?
– Red Barn Studio
– La Maison d’Art
– Gallery 14

At which university did Raymer study studio art and art history?
– Kansas City Art Institute
– The Art Institute of Chicago
– New York Academy of Art

Which artist explained his art could “speak for itself?”
– Clark Britton
– Lester Raymer
– Wayne Thiebaud

If they get a certain percentage correct, they will be entered into a drawing to win a prize from the collection they just experienced. We will generate different quizzes for different exhibits.